Doggie-Do & Playtime Too is a full-service grooming salon dedicated to the special needs of your pampered pet. We have been providing top quality grooming and unique styling services to our clients for over 20 years.  Whether it’s clipping, stripping, fluffing, or cutting, our groomers will have your dog looking like a million bucks when you arrive to pick him/her up.

When bringing your dog in for his/her grooming appointment, our staff will consult with you face to face, so the results you desire can be achieved.  All of our groomers employ tender care and patience when grooming your loved ones and place a priority on the safety, health and welfare of your dog while in their care.

Grooming Services


$50Starting price varies by breed*
Bath & Basics includes a full bath followed by brushing, fluffing and a blow dry. Also included are nail clipping, medicated ear cleaning, eye cleaning, shaving of the paw pads, removal of hair around sanitary areas and anal gland expression.


$80Starting price varies by breed.*
Full Grooming includes the all the treatments in the Bath & Basics package plus a haircut to either breed standard or your specifications provided in the consultation.


$15Added to Bath & Basics or Full Grooming Packages
The Pamper & Play Package lets your dog frolic and mingle with friends before his/her make over. Just add $15 to the Bath & Basics or Full Grooming Packages and your dog will play all day and be groomed before pickup.


  • Dematting – $20/half hour
  • Nails – $20
  • Teeth Brushing – $10
  • Specialty Shampoo/Conditioner – $12

To find out more about specific breed pricing, make a grooming appointment for your pup or ask any additional questions you may have for our groomers, give us a call or stop by the Doggie-Do & Playtime Too!

* Please note that pricing for “Bath & Basics” or “Full Grooming” packages are based on dog breed, size and condition of the dog.  All pricing is subject to additional charges if stripping or de-matting is required.

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