Drop your dog off at Doggie-Do & Playtime Too on your way to work, the gym, the museum, to go shopping, or to run some errands.  We will take care of your precious pet’s every need!  Our cozy and comfortable doggy daycare facility will give your dog plenty of room to run and play. Our facility has a state of the art air circulation system, several floor drains, and an anti-microbial floor coating that is easily washable, which create a clean and healthy environment for your little buddy to frolic. Additionally, beds, blankets and benches are provided in comfy spots for much needed rest throughout your dog’s stay.

Our seasoned doggy daycare staff members keep watchful supervision of all playful interaction and we have a veterinarian on call should there be an emergency.  If requested and provided, we will be happy to feed your dog breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, give some treats, and administer necessary medications (injections excluded). Fresh water is provided by our beautiful water fountains located throughout our facility.

Morning walks to daycare, relief walks during the day, and walks home to mommy and/or daddy can be arranged at an additional cost.

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Daily Rates

Full Day

$39/ per day

Half Day

$25/ up to 4 hours

Hourly Rate


Sibling Rate

$30/ full day only

Daycare Packages (All Discounts Based on Full Day Rate)

20 Half Day

$400$20/day - $5 off the daily half day rate - Up to 4 hours of daycare – No expiration date

10 Full Day

$350$35/day - $4 off the full daily rate – No expiration date

20 Full Day

$600$30/day - $9 off the full daily rate – No expiration date

40 Full Day

$1080$27/day - $12 off the full daily rate – No expiration date

80 Full Day

$2000$25/day - $14 off the full daily rate – No expiration date


For doggy daycare we require that all dogs be spayed/neutered (if over 7 months old) and up to date on all vaccinations including Rabies, Bordatella, and DA2PP.   The Canine Influenza vaccination is highly recommended, but not required.

Prior to scheduling Doggy Daycare we require you to bring your dog in for an introduction to our pack of dogs. Your dog must get along with dogs of similar size and stature as he/she will be grouped accordingly at our facility. Additionally, your dog must not be aggressive towards any other dogs at our facility or have an aggressive history towards any other dogs.

Your dog must pass the introduction process to assure your dog will be comfortable at Doggie-Do & Playtime Too. If Doggie-Do & Playtime Too is a good match for your dog you can sign up at our facility or on our website and we will create an account for you, which can be accessed online where you will have the ability to schedule, reschedule, or cancel services and update information about your dog.

Ask any pet who has stayed with us!